Shortly after we purchased our new home, my wife was reading about New Jersey's Clean Energy Program, which (at the time) promised a 70% rebate on residential photovoltaic systems. She did some more research, and early June 2004, we sat down with NJ Solar. It was determined that our roof could support a system that would provide about 7kVa.


Installation notes coming ... eventually?

System went live on June 7, 2005.


Data Collection: Unfortunately (especially being the geek that I am), none of the data collection is currently automated, and that may or may not change in the future. I read the outside meter in the evening of the day in question, and read the inverters the following morning. The inverters keep the day's total (which gets reset when they power down for the night), as well as a cumulative total, so I record the cumulative total and do the math later.

The graphs are generated using JPGraph, a PHP class library, and is generated on the fly from the available data (which may or may not be up-to-date: I get a little delinquent sometimes in getting my readings to graph form...), which means, given the current data collection methods (see above), will always be at least a day behind.

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