OK, so I should have blogged this last Friday, when I saw the movie, along with half the other bloggers in the world. Oh, well. I’m blogging it now, and with good reason. First off, go see the movie, it’s amazing. I came out of there completely blown away, but a little ticked off at Joss, but gradually got to the point where I realized what he had done, and, if not exactly why he’d done it, at least a glimmer of an inkling.

Secondly, Slashdot just posted a pointer to a review by a favorite author of mine, Orson Scott Card, who pretty much nails it, and far better and more lucidly than I can (and he has a point about Seinfeld that I could never grasp before, but I always knew was there (or wasn’t), and why I never liked the show or found it funny most of the time), and it’s definitely worth a read, even if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

The link is here: Serenity – Uncle Orson Reviews Everything