Yay, Apple Support!

I’ve had problems with my MacBook Pro since I took it out of it’s box in June of 2006, so when the latest problems got too great to ignore, I found myself pining for the old days of Dell support, where next day, they would have someone come to my office, and fix the issue while I watched (yeah, I’ve had lousy laptop experiences).  So even though the university where I work has a hardware support group that would fix it themselves or handle things with Apple, I was still contemplating a long separation from my shiny newish toy.  I brought it in on a Tuesday afternoon, and right away, with 3 separate issues, they told me they have to send these to Apple.  Not looking good.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to get an email Friday saying the laptop was back, and I could come and pick it up.  I did, all the issues had been fixed, and it’s been working flawlessly since then.  Well done, Apple, and good to know that my future repairs (oh, they’ll be needed, I can almost guarantee it) can be anticipated with a little less fear of a long withdrawal!