SGI and Changes

I went to a talk given by an engineer from SGI the other day. I was thinking, as he talked about their Intel-based products geared toward clustering, parallel systems and storage, how far the company has come from the uber-cool graphics hardware I used to drool over as an undergrad over a decade ago. As a member of the executive of the computer club in the CS department at Guelph (President for two years), we had a prof who had connections to SGI via Alias, which was based in Toronto. We used to borrow large machines from them periodically for the club, and we always got lots of time on them. We had access to our own SGIs in the department, but these were always bigger systems with the high-end graphics boards.

One of the changes SGI has gone through in recent years is their re-branding, which meant a new logo. I always loved the 3D SGI logo, and was sad to see it go (I still have a small embossed version of it that I appropriated from an older, recycled machine stuck to one of my monitor bezels).
As part of the talk, we got a pile of literature, some swag, and a business card from the sales rep for our area. I had taken it all back to my office, put it on my desk, and happened to turn the card over. I was happy to see the old logo on the back. It makes me wonder how many people there miss the old days too.