Another new experiment! Those who have been playing along at home know that the main recurring theme there has always been the lack of and/or sporadic posts. I find it inconvenient to write blog posts, and I can’t seem to get over the mental hump of allowing myself to post short entries.

The result is a tumblelog. I’ve been keeping an eye on this for sometime, and although I could have gone out and signed up for one, on tumblr.com, for example, I’m too much of a DIYer. A while back, I’d come across an open source software package called gelato cms, which was a PHP/MySQL-based tumblelog. Back then, it was in the early stages of development, and mostly unusable. I’m happy to report that it is now mostly usable (it’s still in development, there are bugs, and there are still features missing), and I’ve got it going on my site!

It’s going to be very stream-of-consiousness, covering everything from humour, photography and quotes to geek-stuff, technology, music and system administration!

You can find it here. So click, subscribe to the RSS feed, add it to your favorite Technorati blogs, and enjoy!