Midweek at OSCON: Start of the Conference Proper

Despite the usual flood of newcomers to the conference (a lot of people don’t come to the tutorials), the morning breakfast and keynotes didn’t feel any more crowded.  With the keynotes almost over, the break in the expo hall definitely shatters that illusion. The rest of the day was a hectic move through sessions, the expo hall (including the evening reception), and a couple of parties in the evening, thrown by various vendors (there were a bunch of them to choose from).

The hectic pace takes it’s toll: you have to prioritize where to spend your energy.  Unfortunately, in my case, this means getting behind in my blogging.  I went to sessions on Couchdb, OpenID and shell scripting, as well as a Google open source update and an interesting talk called “The Age of Literate Machines”. I keep notes on my daily activities in my personal wiki, so I still plan to come back and fill in some details about the sessions I went to.