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Commenting on Comments

Last night, a friend of mine sent me an email wondering why I didn’t have a comments feature on my blog and that he would have commented on a few things had there been one. After the initial burst of panic that something on the site wasn’t working, I realized that while there, the comment link on the theme I’m using could easily be missed. I’ve made a slight change to the page template to duplicate the comments link at the end of each story. It’s not perfect – WordPress has a function call to generate the comments link, which means it isn’t all that flexible – but hopefully it will make things a little clearer for those who were looking for it.

Of course, this makes me wonder about how many other comments I’ve lost out on. This blog isn’t widely read, but I do get a handful of interesting people leaving me things about the things I post, which makes this a lot more interesting, so I want to be sure it’s easy for them and others to do.

Comments? 🙂