Good Karma, Bad Steve

Hmmm…well, turns out the Karma wasn’t the problem…it was the cable. Ooops. I’ve never had one go bad like that before. Glad I figured it out before I had to drive all over the place to find a repair shop (oh, yeah, that one I said was close to me? Haven’t been certified with Korg for 3 years, but Korg hasn’t taken them off the printed repair list.) Anyway, glad to see Korg QA still in my good books. 🙂

New modules

Well, I just noticed this, anyway… has new modules for sale (applicance and lamp) that are two-way, meaning they will respond to a (computer) status request with their current state. Also, the lamp module remembers it’s dimmer setting, and when turned off, can ramp up from off to the previous setting over a 2 second period. All this for $32.99 apiece. Not bad. I’ll be ordering some soon, and will follow up on how they work.