That’s a Lot of Water!

Over the summer, our pool developed a tear in the liner (fortunately, above the waterline), and that meant it was time to replace it. Not a cheap endevour, but necessary, and besides, there was a hard-metal stain in the shallow end that we inherited when we bought the house that I won’t be sorry to see gone. Anyway, the company we hired to do the work set up the pump yesterday to pump all 19,000 gallons of water out into the sewer system, and now that the work’s done, we’re busy dumping another 19,000 gallons back into the pool. I wish there had been a better way…

Wake Up, People!

From CNET SanDisk stakes its future on TrustedFlash

This is really rich: the tag line states “SanDisk is planning to launch new mini storage card technology that it says will let people play or view secured content on multiple devices, including smart phones and portable digital players.”

Note the spin on the wording: the new technology “will let people”. Wow, that’s great! This will let me… What they really mean is “will take away your right to play the stuff you own on anything you want”. I’m not sure what I hate more: that companies are doing this (maybe they’re not being given a choice?), or that people are buying it (both with what’s left of their brains and their wallets).

I would like to think that a world full of stuff that tells you what you can and cannot do isn’t inevitable, and I’m happy to see stuff like Make: out there, but stuff like this is getting more and more common.