Sunday Night Gig Update

Sunday night we played at the Bayside Chapel, a very cool place about an hour away in Barnegat, NJ that was fantastic to play at. That has to do with both the facility and the people, and I look forward to playing there again for both reasons! They made us feel welcome, they were an appreciative audience who seemed to genuinely like our music (not that that doesn’t happen elsewhere!), and they were great to talk to afterward.

Usually around the time we’re packing up our gear after a gig, I’ll make some comment about getting just big enough to hire roadies. So you know it’s a good gig when I don’t mind moving the small mountain of gear Dan and I have. Sunday night was one of those where I was so pumped that I didn’t mind at all packing up, which was a little weird, because the gig itself was pretty laid-back. But everything was just so good that night, it makes you feel good about what you do.