Adding My $0.02 to the Leopard Installfest Reporting

Well, I’m not entirely sure why there were all these lineups at Apple stores, waiting for 6pm. I had ordered a copy of Leopard the day before (around mid-day, even), and was a little surprised to see that it said “arrives by October 26”. Sure enough, the FedEx guy arrived the next *morning*, carrying the box. By early afternoon, Eastern time, I had upgraded my MacBook Pro. My impressions? Find the review (which is more than one, really) that says “nothing earth-shattering/not going to change your life/evolutionary, not revolutionary” and “a whole bunch of little things that make things tighter and faster”, and you’ll be where I am.

Things I Like:

  • Spotlight’s overall improvments
  • Finder’s new sidebar (especially with the shared section, and the fact that it takes less space)
  • Cleanup of the Preferences panel and options – especially the new networking panel.
  • The new interface for FrontRow (well, new to me anyway – I don’t have an AppleTV box). I especially love it for navigating shared content – an amazing improvement!
  • Most non-Apple applications “just worked” after the reboot

Non-Apple Things that “Just Worked”:

  • VMWare (upgraded to the latest beta, which was for Leopard)
  • Firefox, Thunderbird (although I’m giving Safari and Mail another go)
  • Skype, Adium, Colloquy (I would have been surprised if these didn’t work)
  • Audacity
  • Growl
  • DropCopy

Things that Didn’t Work:

  • synergy, the daemon for sharing a keyboard and mouse from one system across many (I use this at work across 4 machines), crashes (the client – I run the server elsewhere) when run.
  • My favorite screensaver, Fenetres Volantes, doesn’t run (although the new “Word of the Day” is nice!)
  • Very Little!

Things I Miss:

  • The ability to name desktops in “Spaces”, and optional transitions (just eye-candy, no big deal).
  • The hack of dragging your “Home” folder to the dock, and, when clicking on it, getting the menu-like way of navigating your directory structure.

Overall, it’s a nice update, and one I feel will make non-power users and new users feel more at home. I’ve read that as more apps go 64 bit, along with some of the tweaks in the behind-the-scenes code found here, things should be generally faster. While I’d like to say I’ve seen that, I don’t think I’ve used the system enough yet to say if that’s true.

Update: found a couple more things that need fixing: VLC no longer recognizes the Apple remote, and SMC fan control doesn’t seem to be working(even after trying to re-pair it).

Update #2: Updated SMCfancontrol to v 2.1.2, and that fixed the issue.

New Service: Blogging (and Other Things) From IMified

I’m writing this post (after another lengthy hiatus, I realize) from a new service that a colleague told me about. Called IMified, this service allows access to a number of services and tools conveniently through your IM client. This first post will serve as a test to see how well it works, but this seems very useful, especially for quick posts. In addition to the blogging module, I also have access to my Backpack account , as well as other note, reminder and network tools. They also have widgets for calendars, other blogging tools, and various social networks. Looks very cool, and I’m interested to see how useful this becomes to me!

More is coming – there’s been a lot going on lately, in our lives, and, of course, the geeky stuff too.