OSCON 08 Tutorial Days Wrap-up

With the two days of tutorials over, I just wanted to do a quick re-cap, with some thoughts on my experience this year, and some observations.

In previous years, I’ve picked tutorials that seemed cool or had things I thought I wanted to learn, even if it was not completely something I was doing.  As is usually the case with conferences, I came away from that all hyped up and enthusiastically looking forward to using it, playing with it, implementing it, etc., and…nothing.  You get back to your job, start catching up from being away, and the day-to-day routine takes over, and all the enthusiasm you had fades until 6 months later, you’re cleaning up your desk, and come across the pile of materials from the conference, and you gaze wistfully at the things that had you fired up 6 months ago, and realize that you’re far too busy to get to *that* any time soon.

OK, that was depressing, right?  Sorry for the reality check, however, I say that because this year, I think I actually came across stuff in my tutorials that I can apply to the day-to-day stuff, and that’s a good feeling.  I prefer the hyped-up enthusiasm, but knowing the results of *that*, I’ll take this.  One exception, I took the “Python in 3 Hours”, and, not being a Python person, I did resolve to try and get into it, but I have more of a pragmatic feeling about that, so I’m going with “not the same this time”.

Anyway, a couple of observations about this year.  First, a lot of tutorials didn’t have printed materials (I had none), and almost all had their presentations online, which was great – I don’t really need the paper, and, as the saying goes “you can’t grep dead trees”.

Second, there was no checking at the door if you had registered for a particular tutorial, meaning you could actually go to different ones, which saw a lot of bailing at the break to check out another one.  This made it more like the sessions, which was great for some people, and the seating problem you’d think this would create largely didn’t seem to occur.

In all, it was more relaxed, and was thoroughly enjoyable.  Congrats, O’Reilly, on a great start this year!