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New Attempt at this “Blog” Thing

I visit here every once in a while and wonder why I don’t write more. Then I realize there isn’t much that I consider worthy of sharing. But I’d really like to have something interesting here, so at the risk of turning this into a pseudo-tumblr, I’m going to try posting random interesting things that I come across in the hope that something more will come of it. Traditionally, I’d say I’m not terribly hopeful, but we’ll try to be positive this time out!

Twitter Integration Experiment…Um, Yeah

Well, as you can see below, I tried an experiment where an extension would automatically post all of my tweets for the day in a blog post. As my tweeting has followed the pattern of my blog (although not to the same degree – I do tweet more often, I just turned this addon off a while ago, and I’m just now getting to blogging about it!), it just looks…odd. So I’m stopping that experiment. I did turn the sidebar widget back on, so at least there’s still *some* connection.

All you bloggers/tweeters out there who can post everything from significant events to the ingredients list of your last (current?) meal, my hat’s off to you. I’m just not that kind of person, I guess.