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Well, it happened. After a little over 13 years at the Computer Science department of Princeton University, I’m moving on. As of March 12th, I will become a “Senior Systems and Software Engineer” for the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, about 5 hours west of here. This is going to mean big changes over the next month or two as Michelle and I move our lives over there and adjust.

My intention is to document a lot of that here, and I plan to cover everything from moving to a new city, selling our house, changing jobs, and all of the little (or not so little) details that come with it. It’s going to be something of an adventure, and having some sort of written record should make for interesting reading 13 or so years from now.

Some things have already started, so I’m (typically) already behind. Any of the 2 of you who knew this blog even existed are already thinking “yeah, right – he says he’s going to blog, but I heard that before!”, and you’re probably right: I’m already insanely busy with the details of everything that needs to be done in the next 2 weeks, let alone the next month or two. But I hope that by keeping things short and treating it more as my own documentation, it will mean that stuff will be posted here, and it will still make for interesting reading. You know, for both of you.