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Obligatory “Poking at My Blog Again” Post

Yeah, yeah, the cycle that is my usual routine of a flurry of blog posts followed by long silence has finally been accomplished beyond wildest expectations. September 30th, huh? *ouch* In my defense, Facebook and Twitter have been busy ruining any long-form writing skills I may have been developing when I was posting here, well, “more”, while the correct term, seems a little grandiose for this particular web locale, but we’ll go with it anyway.

Anyway, I wish I could claim that big life events from the past 6 months or so were being expressed in those chunks of 140 characters or less, but things have been pretty quiet. Oh, not to say *nothing* has happened, but nothing I’d bore the couple of people who might have forgotten to remove this blog’s feed from their RSS reader with.

Don’t despair, however: as is wont to happen, I occasionally have something to say, and I’ve got a few things running around in my head. I’ll do my best to expand those beyond 140 character chunks and attempt to make them resemble English (with real sentence structure, and everything!). At least to the point where both of you will reconsider removing that RSS feed…

An Upgrade and a New Name

With the recent release of WordPress version 2.5, I decided it was time to upgrade, and along with that, I decided to change the name of the blog.  I’ve been considering this for some time, and finally found the excuse to do it with the upgrade.  The old name was a bit of a play on the opening of every Max Headroom episode (the text would come on the screen just after the opening credits: “20 minutes into the future…”).  Geeky and slightly obscure, sure, but the new title speaks a little better to the frequency with which I tend (not) to update this blog.